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 Laura Huval is a Grammy-nominated recording artist, a published artist with Oregon Catholic Press, a Catholic speaker, author, seasoned music minister, educator, retreat leader, a member of the family band Sweet Cecilia, a cultural advocate, co-founder of the Al Berard Memorial Music Fund, and two time educator of the year. She inspires and engages all audiences with her powerful music, life-changing workshops, and love for God. Her mission is "sharing the Gospel one song at a time." She currently serves as music director for St. Joseph Catholic Church in Cecilia, LA. She and her husband reside in Cecilia, LA, with their two sons.



Laura Huval is an exceptionally talented musician and worship leader known for her captivating voice and deep-rooted faith. With a musical journey that began in her early years, Laura's passion for music and her devotion to God have been guiding forces in her life. 

Raised in the heart of Louisiana, Laura discovered her love for music at a young age. Growing up in a family deeply connected to their Catholic faith, she found solace and inspiration in the church choir. This early exposure to sacred music laid the foundation for her musical career and her unwavering commitment to using her talents to glorify God. 

Laura's music is characterized by its soul-stirring melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and an anointed presence that resonates with listeners. Her latest album, "Raised in the Choir Loft," showcases her exceptional artistry and delivers a powerful message of faith, hope, and worship. 

Beyond her remarkable musical abilities, Laura is a dedicated worship leader, passionate about creating an atmosphere of heartfelt worship and leading others to encounter God's presence. Her performances, both live and recorded, have touched the hearts of countless individuals, inviting them to experience the transformative power of worship. 

With an unwavering commitment to her craft and a deep desire to inspire and uplift others, Laura Huval continues to impact lives through her music. Her presence and talent will undoubtedly contribute to an unforgettable worship experience for all attendees.



Laura is a native of the culturally rich community of Cecilia, Louisiana, located in the region of Acadiana.  She is a parishioner of St. Joseph Catholic Church and has served as a music minister for over twenty years.  She was brought up in a home filled with music and love for the Lord.  Her father, the late Grammy-nominated Cajun musician, Al Berard, along with her mother and sisters were all members of the St. Joseph Church Choir.    

Laura taught music for eight years at St. Genevieve Catholic School in Lafayette, Louisiana, and was named Educator of the Year in 2015. She has served the church in many capacities. She served on the Diocesan Pastoral Council as the Youth Representative (Diocese of Lafayette).  At her home parish, she serves as the Music Director.  She has also served the church as the youth choir director, parish convocation team leader, ministries fair organizer, parish-wide workshop facilitator, faith formation coordinator, and a faith formation teacher.   

In July 2021, Huval received the Bishop's Serval Medal (Diocese of Lafayette; Bishop Deshotel) for the many years of service to her church parish (St. Joseph Catholic Church, Cecilia, LA). 

In February 2021, Huval released her first Devotional Book, Scripture and Song:40 Day Reflection Devotional.  It is a culmination of Huval’s gifts of ministering and teaching through faith-based music. This devotional is a prayer companion for Laura Huval’s 2020 album, It's Never Too Late.  Laura was nominated for "Best Gospel Artist" and "Best Country/Folk/Singer-Songwriter Artist" by OffBEAT Magazine for their "Best of The Beat" Awards.  

In 2021, Huval's band, Sweet Cecilia, was nominated in the Best Regional Roots Music Album for “A Tribute to Al Berard”, exactly thirty years after her father was nominated.  Laura Huval also has a bustling solo career.  Huval was nominated for the 2021 OffBEAT Magazine “Best of the Beat Awards” in two categories:  Best Gospel Artist and Best Country/Folk/Singer-Songwriter Artist.    

In 2019, Huval founded Joyful Noise Ministries, with the mission of “Spreading the Gospel one song at a time.” In 2020, she became a published artist at Oregon Catholic Press (OCP), which is a Catholic Publishing Company.  She has been a guest on numerous podcasts (Can I Getta Amen Podcast,  Many Hail Mary’s At A Time), and has been the featured guest speaker for various events.  Huval was also a contributing writer for the Pursuing Peace Devotional Journal released by the Light Project.    

Huval was a featured songwriter during the 2019 SOLO Songwriting Festival and wrote songs with Nashville greats, Jim Lauderdale and Rusty Tabor.  Huval has shared the stage and collaborated with legends Don Helmes, Jimmy C. Newman, D.L. Menard, Vin Bruce, Zachary Richard, Sonny Landreth, Roddie Romero, Buckwheat Zydeco, Louise Goffin, Lil Buck Senegal, and many others.  She has been featured on albums by Brother Dege Legg, Bas Clas, Bonsoir Catin (Grammy Nominated Album 2015), Lane Mack, Major Handy, Blaine Roy and Second Wind, Ken Holloway, Cameron Dupuy (Grammy Nominated Album 2021), and many more.    

In 2018, Huval was a featured story-teller for the Lafayette Storytellers Night, where she shared the stories and inspiration behind her song, “Red Bird Flies”, which has garnered national attention.  

Huval is an advocate for the Cajun/Creole Culture in St. Martin Parish.  In 2018, she became the co-chair of the Cecilia et Les Alentours Cultural District, which established her hometown, Cecilia, Louisiana, as a hub of cultural activity in the state of Louisiana. 

In 2014, Huval co-founded the Al Berard Memorial Music Fund at Community Foundation of Acadiana, to honor her late father, Al Berard. The fund supports community organizations and incentives that promote our rich Cajun/Creole heritage, arts, music, and French language.        

Huval has performed with Sweet Cecilia at Festival International de Louisiane in Lafayette, Louisiana;  the world famous Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana; French Quarter Festival; New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in Louisiana, and many more venues across the gulf coast.  She also performs with her husband, accordionist, Adrian Huval of the Louisiana based group, The Bluerunners.  She and her husband have two sons, Nate and Rex,  and reside in Cecilia, Louisiana. 

Education and Recognition:  

  • B.S. Bachelor of Science, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA (Secondary Education with a Concentration in Social Studies and a Minor in History)
  • Safe Environment Trained: Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana 
  • Certified Gifted and Talented Music Teacher (State of Louisiana) 
  • 20 years as pastoral musician, vocalist, and songwriter
  • 2012-present- Music Teacher/Minister at St. Genevieve Catholic School (Lafayette, LA) 
  • 2014-2015- Educator of the Year, St Genevieve Catholic School (Lafayette, LA) 
  • 2018 to Present:  Member of the Leadership Team at St. Genevieve School (Lafayette, LA) which is dedicated to continuous improvement in the school
  • 6 years as a classroom teacher (Cecilia High School, Social Studies)2009-2010 Teacher of the Year (Cecilia High School)
  • Youth Representative for the Diocesan Pastoral Council for the Diocese of Lafayette (2009-2011)
  • 2014 to Present: Co-Founder of the Al Berard Memorial Music Fund at Community Foundation of Acadiana
  • 2018 to Present: Co-Chair of the Cecilia et Les Alentours Cultural District in Cecilia, LA 
  • 2014-2016-  Director of the Al Berard Music Festival
  • 2019-Present- Co-Founder of the Fete de la Musique Louisane (St. Martin Parish Music Festival)
  • 2020 Grammy Nomination for Best Regional Roots Album with Sweet Cecilia for A Tribute to Al Berard 
  • OffBEAT Magazine Best of the Beat Awards Nominee for: Best Gospel Artist and Best Country/Folk/Singer-Songwriter Artist
  • Grammy U Mentor (2021)
  • St. Martin Parish Tourism Board Commissioner 
  • Bishop's Serval Medal Honoree (Diocese of Lafayette; Bishop Deshotel) 2021
  • Foundational Catechist Certification (Catechetical Institute Franciscan University) 2023

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