The mission statement for Joyful Noise Ministries is “Spreading the Gospel one song at a time”.  The concept for Joyful Noise Ministries began many years ago when the Holy Spirit began calling Laura to do more with her gifts of music and teaching.  Laura Huval is a wife and mother, a seasoned music minister, inspirational keynote speaker, catechist, award winning recording artist, a Catholic School educator, songwriter, cultural advocate, and a non-profit founder.  She inspires and engages all ages through her powerful music, life changing programs, and passion and love for God.  

Laura can accommodate any topic or theme.  Music is incorporated into each program to enhance the message, which will encourage congregations to sing and participate in the liturgy.  Any of the topics can be used for parish missions, workshops, retreats, and keynotes.  



Parish Mission Program:    

"Being an Intentional Catholic"                                   

Night 1:  Music as A Form of Worship-  Learn to "intentionally" strengthen your prayer life through powerful divine hymns and contemporary faith based music, as well as, through the writings of the Saints, Divine Scripture, and Holy Mass.   

Night 2: Holy Mass in the Bible-  Each part of Holy Mass will be referenced to scripture.  Learn why certain prayers and actions are part of Holy Mass, and how you can "intentionally" participate in the liturgy.  Hymns will be used to enhance the message of the evening.  Bring your bibles and voices.    

Night 3: Gifts of the Holy Spirit- The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit will guide all to "realize" the gifts that God has given them.  We can CHANGE THE WORLD if we all use our God given gifts.


  • Parish Mission Program- Three night Program (one hour to ninety minutes per night) One and two night missions are also available.  (Scroll to next section to read more)
  • Retreats- One day retreat program  (Three to four hours per retreat)   
  • Keynotes- Inspirational keynote messages  (One hour to ninety minutes)    
  • Prayer Concert/Praise & Worship Evening- Inspirational music and brief reflections  (One hour to ninety minutes)    
  • Eucharistic Adoration- Music provided for Eucharistic Adoration (One hour to ninety minutes)   
  • Youth Ministry- Praise and worship events as well as mini retreats (One hour to ninety minutes)     
  • Teaching Workshops- Teaching workshop on specific topics (One to two hours)  
  • Special Events- Masses, concerts, festivals, etc   
  • Custom Themed Sessions- Laura can accommodate any event, topic, and theme. 


More Talk Topics: (can be used for retreats, missions, workshops, keynotes)

It’s Never Too Late:  Today is the day to make a change! “It’s Never too Late” helps to remind you that Jesus will meet you where you are in your spiritual journey.  God’s mercy and grace are endless.  Scripture reminds us that “hope never disappoints”.  There is hope for all of us in the Cross! Faith based hymns will be used to enhance the message.  Examples from scripture and the life of the Saints will be used as part of the reflection.

Forms of Prayer:  Study the “Forms of Prayer” as referenced in the CCC (Praise, Petition, Intercession, and Thanksgiving).  Each form of prayer will be discussed and a song will accompany each of the “Forms of Prayer”

Living the Beatitudes: This program will show how to live the beatitudes in today’s society.  Small acts of love and kindness can change the world. Practical examples will be given for all to live by the beatitudes.  Faith based hymns will be used to enhance the message.    

What Does Your Yes Mean?:  This program focuses on saying “yes” with the greatest of intentions.  Journey through Mary’s “yes”, the Apostles’s “yeses”, our “yes” at Confirmation, and when we say “yes” at mass.  Matthew 5:37, proclaims, “ Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no”. Faith based hymns will be used to enhance this message.  

Mary, Our Blessed Mother:  This program will follow Mary’s life through scripture and her history in the Church.  Learn more about feast days, the rosary, divine apparitions, and much more.   

Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy: The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy are actions we can perform that extend God’s compassion and mercy to those in need. Learn how to fulfill these works of mercy in your daily life.   

Catechism of the Catholic Church Workshop for Beginners:  After the workshop, participants will feel empowered with the knowledge of how to use the CCC, and how it relates back to scripture.  



Laura was able to help me FEEL God's presence and HEAR his will for me. It was through Laura's presentation that I could feel our Lord's presence. As the Holy Spirit came to me, the tears started falling down my cheek. I am so thankful she was able to give me a different avenue of being in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ! ” - Caprice Huval

— St. Joseph Church- Marriage Prep Mentor

Thank you, Laura, so much for being VULNERABLE, and allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you! Laura is truly a light, and we are so grateful for her willingness to share that light with us and our students! ” - Michelle Melancon

— Assistant Principal- St. Genevieve School