• Parish Mission Program- Three night Program (one hour to ninety minutes per night) One and two night missions are also available. 
  • Retreats- One day retreat program  (Three to four hours per retreat)  
  • Keynotes- Inspirational keynote messages  (One hour to ninety minutes)   
  • Prayer Concert- Inspirational music and brief reflections  (One hour to ninety minutes)   
  • Eucharistic Adoration- Music provided for Eucharistic Adoration (One hour to ninety minutes)  
  • Youth Ministry- Praise and worship events as well as mini retreats (One hour to ninety minutes)    
  • Teaching Workshops- Teaching workshop on specific topics (One to two hours) 
  • Special Events- Masses, concerts, festivals, etc  
  • Custom Themed Sessions- Laura can accommodate any event, topic, and theme.

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The mission statement for Joyful Noise Ministries is “Spreading the Gospel one song at a time”.  The concept for Joyful Noise Ministries began many years ago when the Holy Spirit began calling Laura to do more with her gifts of music and teaching.  Laura Huval is a wife and mother, a seasoned Catholic music minister, inspirational keynote speaker, catechist, award winning recording artist, a Catholic School educator, songwriter, cultural advocate, and a non-profit founder.  She inspires and engages all ages through her powerful music, life changing programs, and passion and love for God.  

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Watch Laura tell her story about the song "Red Bird Flies" for Lafayette Storytellers Night: OUR PASSION FOR MUSIC.                                                      337-344-3821

To sing is to pray twice”

— St. Augustine